Ref : 1241970 - SONESSE 30 ZIGBEE HP 2/25 WEID

Sonesse® 30 24V DC Zigbee

Low-voltage and adaptable

The Sonesse® 30 24V DC Zigbee motor increases motorized shading opportunities.
It features a 2Nm powerful lifting capacity utilizing low-voltage DC power to quietly
operate small profile shades and is dedicated to a variety of interior applications.

Interior Window Coverings : Blinds, Shades / Projection screen
Embedded Technologies Warranty
Zigbee 3.0 5 years

Product benefits


  • Compatible with a wide range of interior window coverings

 Easy integration

  • Seamless integration to match any interior décor
  • Thin round head for smooth transition into shade and tube profile
  • Smaller light gap to minimize light leakage
  • Interchangeable head color (white, black, and grey) to match fabric and hardware style and color
  • Recessed interchangeable metal adaptor plate compatible with all hardware systems
  • Fits small diameter tubes (suitable for an internal diameter of 31mm or more)
  • Ideal for small narrow windows to maximize viewable window area
  • Low-voltage 24V DC power for safe and easy wiring

 Easy programming and adjustment with TaHoma® pro

  • Installation and programming done directly from the app: intuitive step-by-step programming instructions
  • Integrated button on the motor head allows for leaving the network and full reset
  • Acts as a Zigbee® mesh network router to extend radio range
  • Dedicated maintenance tool, Serv-e-Go

 Reliability and services 

  • Safe protocol
  • Somfy quality & warranty

Details and specifications

 Daily comfort 

  • Quiet operation
  • Precision motion with soft start & soft stop
  • Manage natural light and privacy via timed schedules and scenes

Discreet integration and home harmony 

  • Smaller diameter to maximize viewable window space
  • Shorter length to fit smaller windows
  • White and thin round head for discreet blending (black and grey as an option)
  • Low-voltage wiring that is safe and out of sight

Easy to use and maintain 

  • Easily control shades with the TaHoma® app
  • Get real time feedback on shade positioning via a smartphone or tablet
  • Hard-wired, maintenance-free solution

Go hands free with voice control 

  • Compatible with voice control assistants (with TaHoma® switch and Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit)

Safety and reliability 

  • No hanging cords, provides a child-safe and pet-friendly solution
  • Somfy quality and warranty

Technical information


Protection Index IP 30  
Insulation class III  


Unwrapped product weight 1.32 lb  
Unwrapped length 18.88 in  
Minimum internal diameter 1.13 in  
External Diameter 1.13 in  
Diameter 1.18 in  


Radio Frequency 2.4 GHz  
Range in open field 492.15 ft  
Number of cycles per day (in cycles) 2  


Consumption during operation 18 W  
Minimum voltage 21.6 V  
Maximum voltage 26.4 V  
Rated current 0.8 A  
Power supply DC - RGE 11 - 24V  
Antenna External 190 mm  
Motors - Max torque 2 Nm  


Speed 25 rpm  
Torque 2 Nm  
Type of limit switch unit Electronic & bi-directional radio  
Capacity of the limit switch unit (turns) 100  
Power scale DC MOTOR 0W TO 37,5W  
Repeatabilty +/- 6  
Head type ROUND  


Cable type VVF  
Cable length 0.62 ft  
Cable color WHITE  
Number of wires of the cable 2  
Cable plug ends WEIDMÜLLER  
Wire section 0.0003 in²  


Color / Finish White  
Minimum working temperature 32 °F  
Maximum working temperature 140 °F  
Minimum storing temperature -4 °F  
Maximum storing temperature 176 °F  
Thermical time 4 min  
Noise level (dB) 47 dB  
Approval UKCA, EAC, CE, RCM, UL, FCC, KC, SII  


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