Obsolete product, replaced by

Roll Up 28 WireFree™ RTS V2 (Li-ion)

Ref : 1241150

Ideal for mid-to-large size window shading applications!

  • Obsolete
Roll Up 28 WireFree™ RTS (Li-ion) - 1240291 - 1 - Somfy

Ref : 1240291 - Roll Up 28 WF RTS Li-Ion PACK

Roll Up 28 WireFree™ RTS (Li-ion)

Wireless comfort & efficiency

Features a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for easy installation, minimal maintenance and enhanced aesthetics.

Interior Window Coverings : Blinds, Shades
Embedded Technologies

Product benefits

Main Features

  • Precision soft start and stop produces elegant shade movement
  • Compatible with roller/solar shades, Roman shades, woven woods, sheer horizontals, zebra/layered shades and horizontal blinds.
  • Wirefree solution for areas where wiring can be costly
  • Solar charging option
  • ESD Immunity
  • Improved motor sound
  • Backed by our 5-year warranty

Details and specifications

  • 10 x Roll Up 28 WF RTS Li-Ion
  • 10 x Instructions guides

Comfort & Convenience

  • Removeable charging cable to easily replenish power.
  • Compatible with solar charging options to harness the energy of the sun.
  • Operates with simple voice commands using TaHoma®, 
  • Instantly block glare or create instant privacy with a simple button press.

Radio Technology Somfy

  • Compatible with all RTS powered systems, controls and accessories so you can mix and match options to maximize product performance.
  • Exclusive Somfy "MY" feature saves a favorite/preferred product position.
  • RTS is omni-directional, so no need to aim the remote at the product being controlled.

Technical information


Protection Index IP20  
Insulation class III  


Unwrapped product weight 1.21 lb  
Unwrapped length 22.83 in  
Minimum internal diameter 1.05 in  
Diameter 1.1 in  


Radio Frequency 433.42 MHz  
Range in open field 656.2 ft  
Memory capacity 12  


Minimum voltage 12.6 V  
Maximum voltage 9.5 V  
Rated current 1.1 A  
Power supply DC - RGE 12 - 12V  
Antenna External  
Battery Type Lithium-ion  
Number of batteries 1  
Battery Voltage 12 V  


Speed 20 rpm  
Torque 1.1 Nm  
Type of limit switch unit Electronic  
Capacity of the limit switch unit (turns) 180  
Power scale DC MOTOR 0W TO 37,5W  
Repeatabilty +/- 10  
Head type ROUND  


Cable type 2464  
Cable length 0.98 ft  
Cable color WHITE  
Number of wires of the cable 2  
Cable plug ends JST  
Wire section 0.0003 in²  


Minimum working temperature 32 °F  
Maximum working temperature 140 °F  
Minimum storing temperature -4 °F  
Maximum storing temperature 140 °F  
Noise level (dB) 56 dB  
Approval CE, SASO  

End Product

End Product Type Interior Blinds  


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