Ref : 1240276 - Tilt Only 50 RTS Central PACK

Tilt 50 WireFree™ Through-Shaft RTS

Manage Natural Light with Precision

The Tilt WireFree has been specifically designed for tilting 2" horizontal blinds. When combined with the new Situo® 5 Variation RTS remote, users can incrementally adjust slat positioning for precise control of natural lighting.

Interior Window Coverings : Blinds
Embedded Technologies Warranty
RTS 5 years

Product benefits

Main Features

  • Improved sound performance.
  • Battery-operated.
  • Built-in power cable and integrated programming button.
  • Through-shaft design simplifies the fabrication process, no modification of tilt rod required.
  • Allows for a wider application scope (wood, faux, composite, and metal blinds).
  • Increased retrofit possibilities.
  • Solar charging options.

Details and specifications

Comfort & Convenience

  • Improved sound performance
  • Battery-operated
  • Accurate slat positioning for control of natural light
  • Operates with simple voice commands using TaHoma

Energy Savings

  • Compatible with new Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack eliminating battery replacement
  • Solar charging options
  • Compatible with the new Situo® 5 Variation RTS remote for precise tilt control

Technical information


Protection Index IP20  
Insulation class III  


Unwrapped product weight 0.66 lb  
Unwrapped length 4.06 in  
Unwrapped height 2 in  
Diameter 1.97 in  


Radio Frequency RTS 433.42 MHz  
Range in open field 656.2 ft  
Memory capacity 12  
Number of cycles per day (in cycles) 1  


Consumption during operation 5.4 W  
Minimum voltage 8.5 V  
Maximum voltage 18 V  
Rated current 0.45 A  
Power supply DC - RGE 12 - 12V  
Antenna External, External 175 mm  


Speed 10 rpm  
Torque 1 Nm  
Type of limit switch unit Electronic & monodirectional  
Capacity of the limit switch unit (turns) 5  
Power scale DC MOTOR 0W TO 37,5W  
Repeatabilty +/- 5  


Cable type 2464  
Cable length 0.98 ft  
Cable color WHITE  
Number of wires of the cable 2  
Cable plug ends JST  
Wire section 0.0005 in²  


Minimum working temperature 32 °F  
Maximum working temperature 140 °F  
Minimum storing temperature -4 °F  
Maximum storing temperature 140 °F  
Thermical time 4 min  
Shape SHAFT  
Noise level (dB) 56 dB  
Approval CE, EAC, RCM, NOM, UKCA, UL  


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