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Anti-Blocking System (ABS) Wheel

ABS Wheel Somfy

Obstacle Detection for Zip Screens Now Available.

Protect your customer's investment and their belongings. Avoid fabric that unrolls, a zip that goes outside the guides or any damage to fabric.

  • Stops the motor in .5 seconds if obstacles are detected
    • 2 inches for a 17 RPM motor
    • 4 inches for a 32 RPM motor
  • Compatible with all 400 & 500 Series Electronic motors
    • Maximum Torque:
      25Nm for 500 series motors
      13Nm for 400 series motors
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • motor assymbled with ABS

Select the Correct ABS Wheel

400 ABS
Somfy ABS Wheel
Note: Suitable for zip screens with guide rail systems and cassettes