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Ref : 1871038 - Tahoma switch NA eth adaptor

TaHoma® switch (with ethernet adaptor)

Connectivity and advanced control for Somfy-powered shades.

The TaHoma® switch can control up to 60 Somfy Zigbee products and 40 channels of Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) motorized products. The TaHoma® app enables users to setup and configure their products, and access their smart shading from anywhere.

TaHoma also enables integration with third-party control systems by leveraging the Somfy Synergy™ API.

Embedded Technologies Warranty
Zigbee, RTS 5 years

Product benefits

Streamlined Smart Shading Offer

  • Somfy motors fitting nearly any interior style of shades, blinds or draperies.
  • TaHoma® pro app for simpler fabrication, motor setting, and installation.
  • TaHoma® switch smart hub for a solid, reliable network.
  • TaHoma® app giving homeowners the ability to connect, control, and customize.
  • Ysia remote for direct control of window coverings.

Pro Tools Make it Easy to Set Up using an App!

  • Simple: Each motor has a QR code that can be scanned for a one-to-one connection over Bluetooth, no crosstalk that can slow down a production line or installation process.
  • Intuitive: With a step-by-step process to configure motor settings and set end limits, manufacturers save time training new and current production staff.
  • Self-Contained: With the entire configuration set from the app, you’ll avoid the complicated button dance that requires memorizing or referring to extensive setup documentation.
  • Hassle-free: Easier and less time-consuming to set up the network or adjust limits.

Comfort-Driven Ecosystem 

  • Ease production without slowing down manufacturing and productivity.
  • Every installation done in less time, the first time.
  • Peace of mind that smart shades, blinds, or draperies will work seamlessly with any future change in smart home tech.
  • Join up to 10 TaHoma interfaces for multi-zone control (RTS).
  • Offer users voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home (where applicable for Zigbee products only).

Details and specifications

4.53 in 3.35 in

Width (with packaging) : 3.35 in

Weight (with packaging) : 0.94 lb

Height (with packaging) : 4.53 in

1x TaHoma switch

1x USB power adapter

1x USB Power cable

1 x RJ45 ethernet adaptor

1x Product Leaflet

1x Legal Security notice

1 x Apple onboarding leaflet

Smart Home Convenience

  • Maximize energy savings and privacy, and control glare by creating timed events to automatically position RTS shading as desired.
  • Use multiple TaHomas to create a whole home control solution.
  • Create an ideal setting with up to 60 Somfy-powered Zigbee window coverings and up to 40 channels of RTS.
  • Remote access using the TaHoma 3.0 mobile app while home or away lets users control shades from virtually anywhere.

Reliable & Scalable

  • Join up to 10 TaHoma switches for multi-zone control (RTS).
  • The Ethernet Adaptor allows for a direct, wired connection to the internet for optimal connectivity.


  • Compatible with most third-party systems such as Control4®, Crestron , Savant, Elan, RTI, URC, and Brilliant.
  • Offer users voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home (where applicable for Zigbee products only).
  • Also works with IFTTT, Phillips Hue, and other popular smart home solutions!


Amazon Alexa Google Home Apple HomeKit
Philips Hue Sonos

Technical information


Protection Index IP 20  
Insulation class II  


Minimum voltage 100 V  
Maximum voltage 240 V  
Power supply AC - RGE 1 - 230V/50HZ  


Color / Finish White  
Minimum working temperature 32 °F  
Maximum working temperature 95 °F  
Approval CE, FCC, UL