Ref : 1811253 - SDN Keypad 8-Button White

SDN DecoFlex Digital Keypad 8-Button White


The DecoFlex™ Digital Keypad for Somfy Digital Network (SDN) is an intelligent control device providing a hard-wired in-wall user interface for stand-alone SDN shading systems. Keypads provide users a familiar way to adjust their environment for personal comfort.

Building management

Details and specifications

  • Each keypad communicates directly with intelligent motors in the system without the need for a centralized system controller, distributing intelligence across the network, ensuring reliable operation.
  • Keypads provide users a familiar way to adjust their environment for personal comfort.
  • Every DecoFlex Digital Keypad uses a priority based command structure which allows multiple keypads to have different levels of authority.
  • A system can be programmed to prioritize life-safety and facility manager control over local user control.
  • Available wall switches:
    • White: 6 Button #1811252
    • Black: 6 Button #1811311
    • Ivory: 6 Button #1811334
    • White: 8 Button #1811253
    • Black: 8 Button #1811312
    • Ivory: 8 Button #1811335
 Design Selection
  • White (6 or 8 button)
  • Black (6 or 8 button)
  • Ivory (6 or 8 button)
Custom Button Programming
  • The Stand alone SDN switch offers the ability to program each button of the switch individually.
  • Directly control intelligent motors either individually, by group, facade or an entire building.
  • Each button can be programmed with different commands for Press, Release and Hold.
  • Set intermediate position at current shade position via button press.
Dry Contact Integration
  • Includes 8 dry contact inputs on the connection side of the switch.
  • Dry contact inputs are separate from front buttons.
  • All dry contact inputs are programmed to output SDN commands.
  • Sonesse® 30 RS485 
  • Sonesse® 50 Ultra AC & DC RS485
  • Sonesse® 50 AC RS485 motors
  • SDN Module for drapery motors
  • Legacy ILT2 motors (keypads must use Somfy Switch 4.2 configuration software)

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Technical information
Rated current 0.01 A  
Power supply DC - RGE 8 24V  
Unwrapped product weight 1 lb  
Unwrapped width 1.5 in  
Unwrapped height 4.06 in  
Length 1.44 in  
Minimum working temperature 68 °F  
Maximum working temperature 77 °F