Ref : 1811129 - SDN Module for Drapery Motors

RS485 Module for Drapery Motors (DCT to RS485 upgrade)

Somfy Digital Technology™ (SDN) to Dry Contact interface for Glydea.

The RS485 Module allows communication to the Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN). It's never been easier to integrate your draperies with this technology.

Building management , Interior Window Coverings/Draperies

Product benefits

Integrate with Ease

  • The SDN (RS485) module for drapery motors receives Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) commands and converts them to dry contact motor control commands for Somfy Glydea® and Irismo™ drapery motors.
  • RJ12 Modular cable for communication.
  • Allows for integration of Somfy drapery motors into SDN systems.
  • The module requires low voltage power from the SDN bus line.
Technical information
Power supply DC - RGE 8 24V