Somfy Z-Wave® Solutions

Interfaces and Controls for Motorized Window Coverings

Z-Wave(R) is an interoperable, 2-way RF mesh networking technology use for both residential and light commercial automation applications. Z-Wave systems include lighting, home access control, household appliances, and more. All Z-Wave enabled devices (or nodes) in a system form a mesh network, allowing commands to "hop" from one node to the next, ensuring commands are received regardless of obstacles or distance.

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The NEW Z-Wave to Radio Technology Somfy Interface (ZRTSI): Cat. No. 1811265

Z-Wave to RTS Interface #1811265

  • Totally redesigned for simplified integration of Somfy-powered RTS motorized products into Z-Wave-based automation systems, including TaHomA
  • LCD screen with programming prompts
  • Intuitive menu-driven programming 
  • Supports up to 16 channels of RTS motorized products
  • Replaces the original ZRTSI (#1870202)










Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI): Cat. No. 1870202 - DISCONTINUED

  • Translates Z-Wave commands from Z-Wave based home automation systems to Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) commands.
  • 16 channels for up to 16 individual RTS motorized products or 16 groups of RTS motorized products.
  • Also compatible with TaHomA®.

Z-Wave® Digital Motor Interface (ZDMI): Cat. No. 1870171

  • Translates Z-Wave commands from Z-Wave based home automation systems for Somfy's line of digital motors.
  • Digital motors provide 2-way communication with real-time motor position status
  • In TaHomA, users can click and drag for precise control — any position between fully open and fully closed.

Glydea™ Z-Wave® Plug-In Module: Cat. No. 1870228

  • Provides embedded Z-Wave control for Somfy's line of Glydea™ 25 and 60e drapery motors.
  • Attaches discreetly to the bottom of the motor for seamless compatibility with a range of Z-Wave automation systems.