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OCTOBER 14-16, 2014 | Booth #1227

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Booth # 1227

Introducing a new sunlight management app for all Radio Technology Somfy (RTS)® awnings, exterior screens and rolling shutters.

  • Control RTS products while home or away using your tablet or smartphone.
  • Easy to use on-screen setup wizard to create timed events, scenes and more.
  • Flexibility of individual or group control.


Somfy myLink™

A powerful sunlight management app for Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) awnings, exterior screens and rolling shuitters.

The Somfy myLink™ is a simple device that turns a smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy®. Users can easily transform their experience with Somfy-powered motorized solutions and maximize their many benefits, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. The myLink™ puts you users in control, so that you they operate your motorized applications instantly or automatically whether you're home or not. It offers many robust features such as individual control, group control, timed event and scenes.

Somfy myLink™ - Download

Press Release - Download

Somfy myLink


Somfy introduces the Oximo™ RTS motor. The ideal solution for rolling shutters.

With Oximo, you'll:

  • Reduce weather related service calls.
  • Save on installation time.
  • Provide improved security for the end user.
  • Offer better protection of your client's belongings.

To learn more about our Oximo™ line of motors, click here.

Oximo™ Press Release - Download

Oximo motor

Awning How-To Video Series

Somfy has created a series of awning how-to videos. The series includes five programming videos and eight troubleshooting videos:


  • Cassette Awnings Using a Sunea® RTS Motor
  • Standard Awnings Using a Sunea® RTS Motor
  • Exterior Screens Using an RTS motor
  • Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor
  • Sunis WireFree™ RTS Sun Sensor


  • Checking Limits for an RTS Motor
  • Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor - Changing Batteries
  • Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor- General
  • How to Change the Direction of an RTS Motor
  • RTS Motor Does Not Respond
  • RTS Motor Does Not Respond, but Jogs Each Time it is Plugged In
  • RTS Motor Only Moves When You Hold Up or Down
  • RTS Motor Won't Reset to Factory Mode

To view this video series, click here.

Motorized awning video

Awning Lifestyle Videos

Somfy produced 2 new lifestyle videos, Awnings and Exterior Screens. The videos feature the many benefits motorized awnings and exterior screens can provide.

  • Energy Savings
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Insect-Free Living
  • The Ultimate Outdoor Space

The videos are available on our Somfy YouTube channel.


The Most Convenient Way to Become a Somfy Expert

Our new online training program offers a new and exciting way for you to become a Somfy Expert from your location, on your time, taking courses as often as you want.

Somfy Expert benefits include:

  • A Listing on our Dealer Locator
  • Dealer Webpage Creation
  • Marketing Literature
  • Discounted Product Samples

To learn more about the Somfy Expert program, click here.

Somfy Expert




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