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SEPTEMBER 10-13, 2014 | Booth #1176

Come Visit Somfy

At booth #1176 discover how our products allow you to offer solutions that exceed your customers' expectations and also expand your business opportunities. In addition to our innovative line of motors for interior and exterior window covering applications, we offer a broad range of controls and interfaces that make it easier than ever to integrate motorized shading with third party control systems regardless of technology or brand.

Our Products

Somfy has a history of innovation and currently has 350 registered patents. Our constant development of new products and technologies reshapes the industry bringing new levels of convenience, comfort, security and energy savings to end users.

  • Vast range and breadth of products to motorize every type of window covering application
  • Battery-powered motors
  • Solar Powered motors
  • Hardwired (both low and high voltage)
  • Most torque range from 1Nm to 100 Nm (12-500lbs lifting capacity)
  • Strongest & quietest motors on market
  • Intelligent Motors
  • Sensors
  • Timers
  • App Control
  • Interfaces to provide connectivity with third party systems on the market today.

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Somfy At Cedia
Control 4 Cooper Crestron Honeywell Leviton MechoShade Vantage

Somfy myLink™

The Somfy myLink™ is a simple device that turns a smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy®. Users can easily transform their experience with Somfy-powered motorized solutions and maximize their many benefits, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. The myLink™ puts you in control, giving you the power to operate your motorized applications instantly or automatically whether you're home or not. It offers many robust features such as individual control, group control, timed event and scenes.

Somfy myLink™ - Download

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Somfy myLink

Somfy Connect™

The Somfy Connect expands Somfy's robust line of interfaces and provides a solution to operate Somfy RTS and Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) motorized applications with RadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS, GRAFIC Eye® QS, and Quantum® control systems. The addition of these integration protocols to Somfy's extensive range of compatible interfaces, including Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, WiFi, IR and serial protocols allows RTS motors to communicate with virtually any system on the market today.

Somfy Connect™ Spec Sheet - Download

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Somfy Connect

Sonesse® ULTRA 50

The new Sonesse Ultra 50™motor range is the quietest and strongest range on the market. This ultra-powerful, ultra-quiet and ultra flexible solution can motorize a wide variety of window coverings such as roller and Roman shades and is available in line voltage AC and low voltage DC. The Sonesse Ultra's unparalleled acoustic performance makes for an optimal near-silent end user experience.

Sonesse® ULTRA 50 Brochure - Download

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Interfaces and Controls for Motorized Window Coverings

Somfy offers a broad range of controls and interfaces that makes it easier than ever to integrate motorized shading with third party control systems regardless of technology or brand.

Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS)

Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is Somfy's exclusive control platform which enables users to adjust motorized interior window coverings and motorized exterior products such as awnings, rolling shutters and screens from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home.

Universal RTS Interface

The URTSI is an integration device that allows third party systems to control Radio Technology Somfy® motorized applications. The URTSI can control up to 16 RTS channels individually and/or as a group through RS232, RS485 and IR. Multiple URTSIs can be cascaded to control up to 256 channels, using the RS485 expansion port. This ensures optimal coverage of the RTS signal. Its simple design allows you to quickly duplicate programming from existing RTS transmitters and easily locate it within the space without a need for line of sight to the motorized window coverings.

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Somfy Connect™

The Somfy ConnectTM expands the capabilities of Somfy systems providing a centralized logic cen- ter and communication bridge. The Somfy Connect allows Somfy Digital Network (SDN) and Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) systems to interact with third party systems allowing the shading system to become part of a truly integrated part of commercial and residential automation systems. The Somfy Connect is equipped with a real-time hardware clock for scheduling shading events. The internal clock keeps time without the need for accessing an external time server and though power loss, ensuring continuous reliable operation. The Connect has Lutron®'s Integration protocol built in allowing Lutron®'s handheld and in-wall controls from RadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS, GRAFIK Eye® QS, and Quantum® systems to operate Somfy motorized applications.

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Somfy Connect

WIFI Wifi logo

Somfy myLink™

The myLink WiFi to Radio Technology Somfy® interface is a WiFi to RTS bridge that can control up to 5 channels of RTS motorized products using the Somfy myLink apps for iOS and Android devices. Through the app, users can send immediate RTS commands, create Scenes (a group of motorized products working together) and Schedules (timed events). Users may access their myLinks from anywhere with the apps' remote access feature. Though the myLink is a single-zone controller, multiple myLinks can be joined within the same system for multi-zone control. The myLink can also serve as an IP to RTS bridge for 3rd party control systems.

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Wifi remote

Z-Wave® Z-Wave logo

Z-Wave® is an interoperable, 2-way RF mesh networking technology use for both residential and light commercial automation applications. Z-Wave systems include lighting, home access control, household appliances, and more. All Z-Wave enabled devices (or nodes) in a system form a mesh network, allowing commands to "hop" from one node to the next, ensuring commands are received regardless of obstacles or distance.

Z-Wave® to Digital Motor Interface

The Somfy Z-Wave® Digital Motor Interface (ZDMI) is a Z-Wave routing device that resides as a node within a designated Z-Wave control network. It receives Z-Wave transmissions and converts them to motor control commands for Somfy's line of digital motors. The interface also receives feedback information from these motors and distributes it to the Z-Wave network.

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Z-Wave to Digital

Z-Wave® to RTS Interface

The Somfy Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI) is a Z-Wave bridge controller that receives Z-Wave transmissions and translates them to motor control commands for Somfy's range of Radio Tech- nology Somfy (RTS) motors. The ZRTSI resides as a bridge controller node within a Z-Wave network and becomes a repeating node in the mesh network. The ZRTSI features Network Wide Inclusion (NWI) which allows for inclusion and exclusion through the mesh topology of the Z-Wave network. Z-wave devices from all manufacturers can be used in the same network together. The ZRTSI has 1 base node and 16 virtual nodes. The 16 virtual nodes correspond to 16 RTS channels that, once programmed to the ZRTSI, duplicate all settings associated with each channel for RTS motor control within Z-Wave networks. The ZRTSI requires 110V AC power and can be plugged into any standard outlet.

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Z-Wave to RTS

Z-Wave® to Glydea® Module

The Somfy Z-Wave® Glydea (ZGM) is a Z-Wave routing device that resides as a node within a designated Z-Wave control network. It receives Z-Wave trans- missions and converts them to motor control commands for operating Somfy's Glydea 35 and Glydea 60e drapery motors.

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Z-Wave to Glydea

ZigBee® Z-Wave logo

The ZigBee® protocol is a low-powered RF mesh networking technology which uses the reliable 2.4Ghz standard for both residential and commercial applications. On this page, you'll find several links which will help you get the most out of Somfy's ZigBee interface devices.

ZigBee® to Digital Motor Interface

The Somfy ZigBee® Digital Motor Interface allows integration of Somfy-powered motorized window coverings and projection screens into ZigBee® home automation systems. It receives ZigBee transmissions and converts them to motor control commands for Somfy's line of digital motors. It also provides intelligent 2-way communication which offers real-time motor position status updates. It's compatible with all ZigBee controls including hand-held remotes, in-wall controls and PC controls.

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ZigBee to Digital

ZigBee to Glydea® Module

The Somfy ZigBee® Glydea Module (ZbGM) is a plug-in device that integrates Somfy's line of Glydea® drapery motors into home automation systems using ZigBee® technology. It attaches discreetly into the base of the motor for concealed wireless control.

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ZigBee to Glydea

animeo IP

The animeo IP Building Controller is a hardware and software command center for Somfy Digital Network™ (SDN) installations, providing dynamic solar management using Somfy-powered motorized window coverings along with weather information from real-time sensors. The Building Controller features an intuitive graphical user interface for simplified programming, commissioning, operation and system visualization.

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Somfy does more than make motors! Join us for an interactive product demonstration and a Q&A session so that you can truly understand and benefit from the power of Somfy.

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