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Somfy Expands Expert Program with Introduction of Somfy Expert 2.0.

Dayton, NJ (April 10, 2013)– Somfy Systems, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of radio-controlled motors (Radio Technology Somfy® – RTS) for interior and exterior window coverings, is raising the bar in their Expert Program with the introduction of Somfy Expert 2.0.  Somfy Experts will now be categorized into three tiers, silver, gold and platinum, each representing a higher level of expertise with Somfy's motorized solutions.  To advance to the next tier, dealers and installers will need to increase their motorization activity and improve their product knowledge by  participating in targeted training courses.

"The primary focus of our Expert Program has always been to enhance the consumer experience by providing a selection of well-trained, experienced dealers and installers in all major markets who offer Somfy solutions," said Somfy North America Director of Corporate Training, Madeleine MacRae.  "Over the past decade we have amassed an impressive number of Somfy experts and, with the introduction of Somfy Expert 2.0, we are taking our program to the next level to better serve our users and dealers."

By partnering with fabricators, Somfy has developed an enhanced program that provides product training and tools designed to create more sales opportunities for dealers and installers. Those that commit to the program and successfully incorporate Somfy motorization solutions into their business will have access to new and exciting membership benefits such as customized marketing literature, special sample programs, company listings on the Somfy dealer locator, mini websites and much more.  Somfy partners also have access to new and unique competitive advantages by achieving higher levels in the Expert 2.0 program and garnering the associated prestige and benefits. 

This innovative three-tier approach not only allows the consumer to better identify the partner best suited for their project, but it also gives the flexibility to address the various experience levels within the market in ways that are meaningful and adapted to their specific needs and expectations. 

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