animeo IP provides precise solar control for your commercial project

The animeo IP Building Controller is a hardware and software command center for Somfy Digital Network (SDN) installations, providing dynamic solar management using Somfy-powered motorized window coverings along with weather information from real-time sensors. The Building Controller features an intuitive graphical user interface for simplified programming, commissioning, operation and system visualization.

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Somfy animeo® IP Total Solar Management Solution For Commercial Buildings Now Available


Dayton, NJ (June 7, 2013) – Somfy, the world's largest manufacturer of motors and controls for interior and exterior solar shading, introduces the animeo® IP total solar management system for commercial buildings. A comprehensive hardware and software solution, animeo IP utilizes sun tracking technology to automate Somfy-powered motorized solar shading for a comfortable interior space within an energy efficient building envelope. The system uses Internet Protocol (IP) and Somfy Digital Network technology for a scalable yet stable system. The animeo IP product line includes Building Controllers, Sub Controllers and weather stations that coordinate with both new and existing Somfy Digital Network motorization installations.

"We are excited to offer our commercial customers a comprehensive natural light control automation system," said Tom Murphy, GM of Commercial Building Solutions for Somfy North America. "Not only will building owners benefit from the system because of energy savings and UV protection, occupants will also appreciate the increased visual and thermal comfort that animeo IP provides."

Key features of animeo IP include an intuitive graphic interface with drag-and-drop programming, motor auto discovery and at-a-glance system status updates offer the simplified commissioning, management and technical support expected in a modern system. The easy-to-use interface extends to building occupants as well. Virtual keypads can be accessed via occupant computers for personal control over nearby solar shading. The system's sun tracking feature – the ability to automatically position solar shading based on real-time inputs from the system's sun and temperature sensors – increases visual comfort and energy efficiency. The system can also log historical temperature and light data to aid building managers in creating more efficient and effective natural light settings with less reliance on HVAC and electric lighting.

These system features translate directly into benefits for both building managers and occupants. Controlling the solar gain on the building envelope to reduce the project's reliance on HVAC and artificial lighting leads to increased energy savings. Automated glare control and solar tracking increases occupant comfort. Global solar control and intuitive user interfaces simplify system operation, commissioning and facility management.

Alongside reliable Somfy Digital Network RS485-based technology, animeo IP uses IP connectivity for Sub Controller connections, virtual keypads, remote access and programming. Every animeo IP installation is managed by the main animeo IP Building Controller and Sub Controllers can be added to expand system capacity. Controllers can be added to both new and existing Somfy Digital Network installations for comprehensive solar management as a standalone control or integrated into third party control systems.

Somfy motorization solutions provide the opportunity to obtain up to 19 LEED points. Somfy's LEED-certified Commercial Specification Team is available to coordinate all aspects of animeo IP system design, specification, installation and commissioning.


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Facility Manager View

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