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Light Balancing


The symbiosis between natural and artificial light management



As global market leaders in their respective fields, both Somfy and Philips seek to deliver user benefits through the efficient control of light in our joint Light Balancing offer.  The systems work naturally together: Somfy's solution manages natural light to provide useable daylight, while the Philip's light control system adjusts the artificial light levels to maximize both visual comfort and energy savings.

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Philips and Somfy together deliver highly integrated and innovative solutions for the control of electric light and natural light.  Jointly, Philips and Somfy present a stronger and simpler energy savings proposition and employee comfort message.  Building owners and investors will see that an integrated technology deliverable from Philips and Somfy  as two market leaders is affordable, easy to implement, and will result in sustainable energy savings for their project.  See our recent case study for more details.